About us

Since inception, Emergent Loans has been actively involved in helping individuals make sound financial decisions as regards secured and unsecured loans. We understand that most people rarely take the opportunity learn about the aspect of secured or unsecured loans before borrowing and as a result end up in a debt rut. At Emergent Loans, we endeavoured to change the narrative and have over the years been at the forefront of sensitising our customers on important matters such as features of secured and unsecured loans, the benefits of either of the two, the truths and untruths that dog either of the two among many others.

We believe that our commitment to our vocation as well as tendencies to ascribe to principles of total quality management is what has given us a competitive edge in the market. Our customer personnel are not your ordinary kind of representatives who are not committed but are rather interested in your well-being. It therefore doesn’t matter what kind of problem you are experiencing. You can be rest assured that we are always up to the task and ready and willing to ensure that the decisions you make financially are in your best interests.